Below are some of our recent researches/projects on github:

  • LMN Chat Widget, a chatbot widget that can listen and speak. It can be connected to many large language models online and embedded in any website with a few lines of code
  • CiceroAI, a collection of education AI research and tools. CiceroAI’s goal is to one day use chatbots to be everyone’s study companion. The chatbot may quiz you, keep track of your knowledge, recommend courses, and help you learn new topics.
  • Aesculapius, one-stop-shop aiming to be the first place people go for everything related to healthcare: from symptoms and possible causes, to understanding drugs they are taking or considering buying, to locating a healthcare facility that suits their needs.
  • College Explorer, a web-based visualization tool for college mobility data that collects 3000+ data points from multiple sources (e.g. College Score Board and census data) to help users spot the critical factors for college success and create personalized best-fit lists. Shows correlations between factors such as salary, major, average debt, type of institution, mobility rate, and admission rate.
  • BrainBloom, a collection of dementia research and tools. Aims to offer helpful advice and support as patients travel through each stage of dementia experience. My goal is to improve the quality of life of dementia patients, their families, and their caregivers.