What we do

Managing the development process

The committee ensures that open source projects are developed in a way that is consistent with the organization’s goals and values. This includes setting project priorities, managing the project schedule, and ensuring that the project meets quality standards.

Ensuring that projects are aligned with the organization’s goals

The committee ensures that open source projects are aligned with the organization’s mission and strategic goals. This includes ensuring that the projects are addressing real-world problems, that they are using open source licenses that are compatible with the organization’s values, and that they are contributing to the open source community.

Approve new open source projects

The committee may be responsible for approving new open source projects that the organization wants to support. This includes reviewing the project’s goals, scope, and license.

Raising awareness of open source

The committee raises awareness of open source software to the public. This includes writing blog posts, giving presentations, and developing educational materials about open source software.

Our Projects

Committee Members

Darren Weng Gabe Weng Jade Leslie
Darren Weng - Founding Member Gabriel Weng - Founding Member Claim Your Spot - Co-Chair Claim Your Spot - Co-Chair