Our Mission

Last Mile Now (LMN) is a non-profit tech and crowd-funding community that focuses on accessibility issues in areas such as healthcare, education, climate, LGBTQ, Food Security, etc…

LMN aims to solve the “last mile issue”, the most expensive and difficult part of any product deployment in technologies. There is vast amount of great resources and information online out there, but delivering them at the right time to the right person might be challanging due to factors such as languages spoken, education level, habit, etc… We want to change that.

We believe a personalized chatbot that understand individual’s need can release the potential of internet to evryone. In US, on average, a person spends 2 hours and 31 minutes daily on social media and text apps. We are committed to use technologies such as AI, chatbots, text messages and social media such as instagram, to create an effective information delivery platform.

How We Deliver

We plan to achieve our goals through working on and contributing to open source projects, as well as raising funds to sponsor a set of curated open source projects we think will further the causes.

LMN operates on distributed model, through committees. Committees are set up in each area and the members will have monthly or querterly meetins to discuss the open source projects to work on, or to sponsor.

Our Teams

Darren Weng Gabe Weng Jade Leslie
Darren Weng - Co-Founder and CEO Gabriel Weng - Co-Founder and CTO Jade Monarrez - Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Gates - Chief Operating Officer
Chloe Tanksley - Founding Member, Education Cmte Maxwell Nevas - Founding Member, Climate Cmte Emma Brody - Founding Member, LGBTQ Cmte Michael Alcyone - Founding Member, Healthcare Cmte