Last Mile Now started as an open source organization with the aim of solving the “last mile issue”, the most expensive and difficult part of any product deployment in technology.

Our Vision 1.0

There is a vast amount of great resources and information online, but delivering them at the right time to the right person might be challenging due to factors such as languages spoken, education level, habits, etc. We wanted to change that.

We believe a personalized chatbot that understands individual’s needs can unleash the potential of the internet for everyone. In the US, on average, a person spends 2 hours and 31 minutes daily on social media and text apps. We are committed to using technologies such as AI, chatbots, text messages, and social media such as Instagram to create an effective information delivery platform.

We open-sourced four projects through it, so people working on similar projects don’t have to start from scratch.

Our Vision 2.0

Later, we discovered that because open-source maintainers don’t get paid, many critical open-source projects lack resources to add features or even fix bugs. To address this, we decided to start recruiting non-coding members into LMN to help fundraise for a set of curated open-source projects that align with our goals—making education accessible.

LMN will operate on a distributed model through committees. Committees are set up in each area and the members will have monthly or quarterly meetings to discuss the open source projects to work on or the ones to sponsor.